Jaymie Silk is a producer and DJ with a penchant for enticing, hard-hitting grooves. His music—a hybrid, drum-led style taking in house, techno, footwork, and UK bass—looks to the glamour of the '80s and the audacity of the ballroom scene for influence, whilst using his Afro-European roots as further touchstones.

After having moved from France to Canada in 2013 and after a decade of producing for other artists, Jaymie turned to his solo career.

With his first releases in 2016, his unique style made him quickly get noticed by different labels.

Producer, vocalist, remixer and DJ, Jaymie Silk piles on the musical personas, influenced by a double culture : rave parties and the diaspora he’s linked to. Resident of the Montreal ballroom scene, his music showcase both electronic European music and North-American clubby tracks, a bold blend which stands as an artistic passport breaking the traditions of bass music, techno, and garage.

Jaymie Silk has since released several Eps and singles with Shall Not Fade, Pelican Fly, Frite Nite and more, with his EP "The Legend Of Jack Johnson" among the best EPs of 2021 according to Mixmag.

In addition to his music used in award-winning TV shows and documentaries, it's through his remixes, bootlegs and original productions that Jaymie has attracted attention to his music (Billboard, BBC, Dj Mag, Mixmag,  Afropunk, Vice, Xlr8r ...) .